Question: About the International Show

Witnessing all the Masking Mandates being set aside, do you think CFA should rethink staging an International in October with a more reasonable Budget?I believe our Exhibitors want this but ONLY with a better thought out budget.

Signed, Region 2 Exhibitor

The CFA International Show has the tradition of being CFA’s premier show. It provides not only a show, but also a venue for exhibitors and fanciers from literally around the world to come together to meet up with one another, and often exchanging cats for breeding programs. Fanciers have certainly missed these opportunities over the last two years.

With past International Shows, CFA always had a primary sponsor (Dr. Elsey’s, Royal Canin, etc) and that money underwrote much of the event’s expenses. This year we do not have a primary sponsor. Preparations for the International Show begin months in advance as it has so many moving parts.

All this being said: With the current trend towards mask mandates being lifted as infectious rates continue to drop, I believe that it is certainly worth revisiting holding the International Show and do it sooner rather than later while there is still time to prepare. I would definitely advocate eliminating some of the more expensive items on the original proposed budget such as the staged events to bring this specific show in line with a lower budget. Perhaps replace them with different activities to engage the spectators.

After two years of not having an International Show, CFA needs this event to bring fanciers back together. And I believe that with careful planning, we can make it happen. We just have to determine a way TO do it.