Question: Voting Concern

Question: I’m concerned about voting for you because I’ve supported your competitor in the past.

Don’t be! Even if she isn’t elected as vice-president, she will still retain her seat as director at large. Voting for me brings a new, much-needed voice to the CFA Board.

Why do I say “much-needed?”

  • I look for HOW CFA can do things, not why we can’t. CFA’s future depends on growth: exhibitor growth, breeder growth, and spectator growth. Limiting ANY of these components limits CFA’s future. Let’s grow CFA as we can, and in any way that we can!
  • I support ALL CFA programs. Each program exists to reach out and connect with fanciers and the public on many different levels. If that’s through cat shows, great! If it’s via the internet and virtual competitions, websites, and Facebook – that’s great too! As a board member, it would be my obligation to support CFA and each of its outlets. I’m sorry to see that that is not always the case.
  • I support our clubs. Supporting our clubs means helping them find ways TO hold shows, and not look for reasons why they cannot hold shows. During this time, we need to come together and support each other and not tear down our colleagues and fellow fanciers.