Question: What Would I Bring to the Board?

What do you feel like you would bring to the board if you were elected?

I know the value of discussion and collaboration and how REAL collaboration can advance an organization. In my opinion, the board needs to regain focus on what the mission of CFA is, and work to advance that mission. When people work TOGETHER towards a common goal, that goal will be achieved.  When someone makes a choice NOT to work with a team, the team and its goals suffer.

I KNOW that I would bring a brand-new voice to the board. A new voice that wants to find ways to make things happen. One that brings a positive, new outlook on how CFA would handle its growth and its mission. A voice that wouldn’t be stuck in “business as usual” or in looking at what’s wrong with a proposal, rather than what’s right and what can be improved about it. I’ve heard from breeders and exhibitors that they are tired of “business as usual.” They’re tired of offering ideas and solutions, only to be told “we don’t do that”  They’re tired of being ignored. And if board members don’t listen to the people who they serve – those people won’t stay around. I want to give our fanciers both a way for their voices to be heard, but also, find ways that the board can help support our fanciers.

Let’s look for ways of HOW we can progress, and not why we cannot.